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Welcome to the Superior Stables’ web site. We hope you will find it informative. We hope to share our enthusiasm and love for the Gypsy Vanner Horse, recognized as a breed and protected in the Unites States since 1996 by the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society.

The UK Gypsies have always kept and bred horses. They needed reliable horses for their work; collecting scrap metal, delivering goods and working in the coal industry. Their Vanner was created to pull their vardos, the beautiful wagon homes of the then mostly migrant people, using Shires, Clydesdales and several native British pony breeds.

Most agree that the type was based on the Coal Horse and that all go back to him or the other notable foundation sire, Sonny Mayes, both bred in Ireland. Select families in the UK used sons and grandsons of these stallions, horses with names like The Road Sweeper, The Old Black Horse and the Lob Eared Horse, to create the Vanner. Many additional horses of this type probably go back to them as well.Unfortunately with only oral records to rely on, many quality horses were sold and resold and their genealogies, or back breeding, were lost.Such is the case with the amazing Kent Horse. Colored Cob breeding in the UK continues today in the hands of gypsy and non-gypsy people. Each breeder has their own story and seems to have a slightly different direction for their herd.

Here in the United States, DNA testing, written genealogy records, evaluations and education are allowing the GVHS to preserve the Vanner Horse breed, with a look and genetics true to the horses imported in 1996.

We have been lucky enough to be able to study these horses in the UK. We have met many of the breeders, listened to their stories, and seen their herds.We believe that the benefit of this first-hand knowledge is reflected in our breeding program.We constantly work to create only the best foals with exceptional conformation breed type and temperament.As we say, “Superior Stables, Not a Boast a Promise”.We enjoy our horses and hope you do too. (Please see “About Us” and “The Hustler’s” page to learn more.)



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