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Registered Name

The Darkness

Date of Birth





14 h 2"


Black Solid


the Rocking Horse


Down's Pride aka Cocky Price's Red and White Mare

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Darkness was bred by the Downs family in the UK. Kate and I had visited them and admired Darkness’ sire The Rocking Horse. We knew that she would carry a red gene which she has tested positive for. Darkness was imported by Black Forest Gypsies as a bred, long yearling. She foaled a nice filly as a 2 year old and was given a year off to raise her baby and grow. We had seen her as a yearling and were tempted to buy her. We got a second chance at the last Black Forrest Sale and were the winning bidders. I had considered changing her name but many people already knew her as Darkness from Black Forest. The Darkness is also a well known rock band in Europe so we decided to keep it. Darkness was still growing when we got her but seems to be about done now. We got a glimpse into her true potential as a brood mare when she produced SSFR Bête Noire, a stunning black Teddy filly this June. We love the filly so much we have decided to keep her and now offer Darkness bred back the same way to the discriminating breeder. 7/10

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