Registered Name

Golden Oak The Prospector

Date of Birth





Northern Lights Twelve O’Clock Rock




palomino ee, Crn, AA


Golden Oak a Shade of Envy

Prospector is currently offered for sale. He is well trained to ride & has had 90 days of driving training. Prospector is currently priced at $11,500.


We were in Utah the day Prospector, Golden Oak Prospector, was born.  He was a lovely foal but he never wanted to nurse.  We worked with Lacey but were never able to change his mind.  Happily he thrived on a bucket.  Now at 2 he shows no sign of being behind the others his age.  Prospector is more than just a palomino.  From his sire Northern Lights Twelve O’Clock Rock and dam Golden Oak’s a Shade of Envy he inherited  2 copies of the aguti gene which creates the bay coat color in a black based horse.   Agouti does not show in a chestnut but it does mean none of his babies will ever be black.   We thought Prospector might make a very noce addition the the dun program.  For now we will give him time to grow.  8/17

Prospector has been trained to ride & drive. He is currently offered for sale!

Please call 970-764-7741 for more information!


Riding Video :

Driving Video :