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Registered Name

SSFR Kayla

Date of Birth



Pagosa Springs, Colorado


13 h 2" and growing




The Hustler


V.V. Violetta

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It took us awhile to select an appropriate name for this spunky little filly. She arrived earlier than expected and continues to take life on her own terms. Although not quite a contrarian, she has always had her own ideas. In honor of a friend’s equally minded daughter, we decided to name this filly Kayla. We hope she will continue to resemble her namesake with her joy of life and charmingly independent attitude. As she has grown Kayla has become far more cooperative and seems to enjoy training time. She has been tested homozygous for the paint gene. Since she was born we have been excited to breed a Hustler daughter to Teddy. We offer Kayla for sale but plan to breed her for a 2011 foal. 7/10

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