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Registered Name

SSFR Kodiak

Date of Birth



Pagosa Springs, Colorado


13 h and growing




The Heavy Horse of Wales


V.V. Violetta

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Violetta was a first time mom and after many sleepless nights she delivered Kody around noon. When she finally settled she was too close to a feeder for my comfort. I got involved and Kody was literally delivered into my lap. He was Teddy’s first son and even though we had no scale to put him on we were thrilled by his frame and bone. As he matures he reminds me more and more of his dam in the face. His hair is amazing for a young horse and I have never seen a full moustache on a weanling horse before. Now gelded, his ground training is going very well. He is so pleased when he learns a new skill it is hard to get him to quit doing it over and over to please you. We think that Kody will make an easy, mellow riding and driving horse when he is grown. We proudly offer him for sale. 7/10

Kody has been donated to the Gypsy Angel Program. Thank you Jan Cox for helping us with this. 10/18


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