Registered Name

The Bay

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The Producer




Bay Solid


Adie’s Bay Pony

In all of the years I have owned horses I never owned a bay. The right horse in black, buckskin or roan was always my choice. In this breed the color is less common and takes on a different look with the feather, ample manes and tails. Our first bay was the lovely bay and white Butterfly. Our 2009 acquisition is this solid bay Producer filly we call simply The Bay. Choosing yearlings can be tricky but she shows a lot of promise. Now that I have seen her dam Adie’s Pony, who is definitely not a pony, it is no surprise that Bay will be on the taller side for our herd. She is filling out very nicely and we are pleased with our selection. We hope to get her in foal this season. 7/10

Update: Bay foaled a beautiful, healthy red & white filly by Simba. The filly was named Liberty and has since found a new home. We have to decided to offer for sale. If you are looking for a stocky, well-built mare look no further, she is girl for you! In addition, Bay is heterozygous for the red gene, meaning she can produce a multitude of colors bred to the right stallion. 8/12