Registered Name

The Butterfly

Date of Birth



14 h


Billy Blue Boy




Bay Skewbald


Thomas’ Butterfly Mare

I have loved The Butterfly Mare, then owned by Thomas Price, Tom Price’s eldest son since I first saw her in 2007. For the Price family, horse breeding is truly a passion and a family affair. Teddy came from Sam Price’s, then age 4, breeding program. When we inquired about purchasing the Butterfly Mare, Thomas wanted to keep her so we were delighted to be able to purchase her bay and white, ’07, Billy Blue Boy filly. Tom referred to her as “the filly with no head and no ears”. Although that is a great compliment, meaning that her head and ears are tiny as they should be, here in the US that name is not readily understood. We just call her Butterfly. Butterfly was matched with Teddy for her first foal and produced a bay paint filly, Miss Chickapea, in June, and yes, she also has “no head and no ears”. We will breed Butterfly back the same way again this year.   7/10