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Registered Name

SSFR Miss Chickapea

Date of Birth



Pagosa Springs, Colorado


12.2 1/2 h


Bay Skewbald


The Heavy Horse of Wales


The Butterfly

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We had a difficult time deciding on a name for this little filly.  We got to watch the movie called Nell with Jody Foster.  “Nell”, called one of the other characters “Miss Chick-a-pea”.   To my delight, everyone liked that name, including the filly.  I guess that since there is nothing long and lanky about her, she doesn’t mind being named for a garbanzo bean.   As Kate and her dad left for the 2010 Almost Summer Show she jokingly said “if the baby comes while I am away, please make it a bay, paint filly.”  Wow!  Teddy’s little “chunklet” arrived just as ordered.   8/17

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