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Registered Name

The Real Deal

Date of Birth

Fall 2009






Dun gene Ee


A Black & White Stallion


Coates Shady Lady

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The Real Deal is the real deal.  He was the only dun gypsy stallion in the country whe  we purchased him.  Dealer, as we call him, came from the Coats breeding program in England.  The dun coloring is a dominant color factor so if it is there it will show.  It lightens the body color and pushes the base color to the edges (mane, tail and lower legs).   It also adds a solid base color stripe down the spine from mane to tail.  Dealer is a black based dun, or grullo, colored horse but he also carries a red gene.  We do not stand Dealer to outside mares but sell offspring and mares bred to him.   We are excited to see the dun color added to US gypsy herds and hope that all dun enthusiasts will work to be sure that top quality gypsy characteristics also come with the color.   Now with several years of foals on the ground Delaer is proving to be a sire if quality not just color.  So far we have named his offspring with a card planing term so look at SSFR Double Down and SSFR Broadway and SSFR Deal Me In, some of his non-dun offspring.  To top it all off Dealer is in the main stud book of the GVHS.  This year he covered Bindi, Sazerac, Essie and possibly Rowan, Dancer and Chloe for 2018 foals.  8/17

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