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Billy Brown's Diesel


The Blue Eyed Mare

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We purchased Traveler in-utero. He was conceived in the Blackpool England, born in quarantine in Kentucky and is now at home in Colorado. We think he comes by his name honestly. When he was born we were surprised by his color because BE is black and white. Traveler has lots of roaning in his red and a marking like a juggling ghost on his right side. In 2008 we visited his popular sire Diesel to get hair for DNA parentage verification.   Diesel is also red and white and known for his high stepping, ground covering gate as he “travels” down the road.  He is a very impressive stallion and we very much enjoyed our visit with his owners the Brown’s.

Kate trained Traveler and he is now an experienced show gelding. He has won may shows with his very good conformation.  He is bright, athletic and willing.  Traveler and Katie make an awesome pair.  This is demonstrated by their show ring performances from the winning (unrehearsed) freestyle at the Oklahoma State Fair in ’09 through their show Champion Youth and Gelding performances in Oregon this fall.  I am not sure if we will keep him when Kate goes to college but there are few like him in the US and to us he is worth his weight in gold.    12/12

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