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Registered Name

Welsh Lace

Date of Birth

September 2008


Bonvilston, Wales


13 h and growing





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Lacey is another horse from the Price Family breeding program. She was imported by West Hills Gypsy Horses as part of a large group and she was our first choice when they arrived. Lacey was a fall foal so she was on the small side compared to the others. Her quality, proportion and breed type made her stand out from the crowd and she is proving to be well worth taking a chance on. The other thing about this group of fillies we liked was their depth of pedigree. Knowing the back breeding of your horse can be very important. Even when an individual is not exactly what you want, if the breeding is there they have a good chance of producing what you want. This filly is on the back burner for now. We know she will be a valuable riding horse as we are also impressed by her quick mind and willing attitude. 7/10

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