Registered Name

Whiskey River Sazerac

Date of Birth



14.1 1/2h


CiCi’s Sir Keith


Tacoma, Washington


ee nCr


Jenny Mae

When Kate saw Sazerac on the internet we moved quickly to purchase her for our odd color program.  I flew to Washington to see her and was not disappointed.  Angie was great fun and told me said that Sazarac’s nick name was Barbie, which does suite her well but the nickname Sazzy is the one that has stuck.  Sazarac has adjusted well to Colorado and progresses through her basic training.  She won best bred in North America and her 2 Year Old Filly class at the Continental Divide Show in 2012.  I think she is one of the best palomino paint mares in the county.   I really bonded with this mare when we were waiting for her first foal to be born.  She is such a “people person”.  She delivered her first foal at the end of April 2014, a lovely, solid sorrel filly, SSFR Four Roses, Rosie, by Whiskey, Salem’s Country Maker’s Mark.  Her next filly by Dealer, The Real Deal, is just what we wanted, a red dun blagdon SSFR Money.   We do not breed every mare every year.  Sazzy is due to Dealer again for a 2018 foal.  8/17