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Registered Name

Black Babydoll

Date of Birth





Old Paddy Horse





Long Mane Mare

When we went to look at our dun stallion The Real Deal we were introduced to Black Babydoll, BBD, who was bred to him at the time. We took a few photos but concentrated our attention on Dealer.  At about the same time we decided to locate a few larger mares for our herd. Kate asked if we remembered Black Babydoll.  When we began to research her history we discovered that she had come from Sid Harker’s and had been one of his wagon mares.  Big, beautiful, sweet head and ears, trained to drive and with more feather than most stallions: she was perfect. Her owner was not completely ready to sell but after over a year of inquiring we were able to acquire her and we are over the moon to add her to our mare band. She foaled a huge black filly by Dealer now at Thorn Hill Gypsies in Kansas City.
In November 2014 she foaled a colt by DJ’s Silver Moon, DJ Hunter’s Moon. She is now in foal to SSFR Lucky Number Seven, 7, for a 2018 baby.  8/17