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Registered Name

DF Bindi

Date of Birth









Ee Aa


Celine D

Since 2008 when Kate and I spent a month in the UK learning from the gypsies about their horses, Kate has wanted a solid bay mare like Johnny Vines’ Bay Pony for the herd.  Solid bay is my least favorite color of horse so she knew that the horse’s conformation and temperament would need to be exceptional for me to consider it. She also knew that I really liked Becky Glover’s stallion Suede, a Romeo son. Several years ago Becky got a solid bay filly with 4 black feet by Suede out of her mare Celine D. Kate had bugged Becky about Bindi pretty much ever since she was weaned, but she was never for sale. She asked again when she saw Bindi at the 2013 Fall Heartland Classic. Finally in late 2013 Becky emailed. Bindi could be ours! She arrived in March of that year and is a perfect fit for our herd.  In 2015 she foaled a bay dun colt SSFR Deuces’ Wild, Deuce with The Real Deal.  She is brd again the same way for a 2018 baby.  8/17