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Desert Jewl Dalcassian


Pagosa Springs. Colorado


EE Aa Gg



Kizzy is currently offered for sale. Please contact us for more information & photos of Kizzy. Priced at $12,000 open or $17,000 with her 2020 buckskin colt. Her colt will be sold on a gelding contract only.

Around 8:30 p.m. on May 11, 2007, just as it began to get dark, John went out to put Bobbi in the barn for the night. He came back with the news that she had given birth. The first Vanner born at Superior Stables was here! I joined him to help get them to the barn and discovered a filly. Kizzy, Romney for Spice Tree, is a beautiful solid grey filly with a blaze and socks, not the typical Vanner stockings. She has always loved people and it is a good thing that our stalls have open fronts because her head is always out, waiting for a rub and a kiss. In 2008 Kizzy entered the show ring in the lead line obstacle class. Watching my baby Kate guide 4 month old baby Kizzy gently and carefully through the obstacles using natural horsemanship techniques brought tears to my eyes. Kizzy and Katie did such a great job they placed first in the large class of adult horses and handlers winning the Obstacles in Hand at the Oklahoma State Fair.  Kizzy continues to be a joy and has now proven to a good therapy horse as well. She is quick and loves to learn and play.  We discovered her aguti gene when she delivered her first foal, SSFR Ruby in 2011, a bright red bay.  We gave her some time off due to a stifle issue.  It is now healed and she produced a lovely grey filly in 2015,  SSFR Lightning Bug.  She is now trained to ride and drive as well.  8/17