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Registered Name

The Heavy Horse of Wales
Date of Birth


13 h 3″

Tom Price’s Samson

Bonvilston, Wales


Sam’s Good Mare
On our trip to England and Europe in 2007 we visited several wonderful horse breeders, among them Tom Price in Wales. Tom and his family are passionate and dedicated breeders.  After a day of being driven through his pastures, I asked Tom to pick a stallion for me. (Hustler was for Kate.) Tom did, with an eye for horses developed over a lifetime of breeding. They called him Teddy and to my eye he was the cutest, hairiest little horse I had ever seen: truly a “Teddy Bear”. I did not yet see the amazing horse which had been entrusted to me. When his baby coat shed off, a beautifully conformed, well balanced yearling emerged. We were happy that we had registered him as The Heavy Horse of Wales, in Tom’s honor.

Teddy now has several hairy foals on the ground, including SSFR Chloe, SSFR Miss Special Edition (Addie), SSFR Chickapea,  SSFR Bete Noir, SSFR Spot On (Dotty) and SSFR Stardust (Peaches). He is generous with his hair and all of his other wonderful qualities.  Check out his mustache.  He is a natural and breathtaking driving horse.  We even beat Kate and Moony in the driving class at the Oklahoma State Fair in 2010.  I am thrilled to have more time to drive him.  I love my Teddy. Thank you Tom, Teddy was a gift and is a special treasure.  1/18