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Registered Name

The Blue Eyed Mare

Date of Birth





Son of Joe



Ee Tn


Daughter of Rambo

The Blue Eyed Mare, who we call BE, came to us from Clononeen Farms in England.  When we went to look at The Hustler, BE caught our eye because she is a true beauty.  We learned while we were there that she has several of the characteristics which gypsy breeders consider lucky: a blue eye, a white chin and one white and one black ear.  I had always worried about having a blue eye here in Colorado because our state has the highest incidence of cataracts in blue eyed people in US.  BE’s left eye is a deep blue in color with has black “eyeliner” around it.  Happily her “eyeliner” and heavy forelock “sunglasses” have protected her making her the right blue eyed horse for us.  She has an active mind and enjoys jumping with Kate.  She has produced Traveler, SSFR Chloe, SSFR Sophie SSFR Mercedes and now SSFR Black Label for us.  When Tom Price was here in 2009 he said that her thought he recognized her and provided parentage for us.  There are not many around like our Blue Eyed Mare.   She is currently in foal to our red paint, traditional stallion Prime, Sahlem’s Country Optimus Prime, a Prime Time son, for a 2018 foal.  8/17