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Registered Name

V.V. Violetta

Date of Birth



14 h 1″


Latcho Drom






Vintage Vanners Tessa

Vintage Vanners Violetta is the last on our alphabetical mare list but by no means the least. She was the first “already born” horse we purchased. We think that she is exactly what breed is all about and see her as the corner stone of our breeding program. Thank you again Anne Crowley for parting with her. I loved her from the moment I first saw a photo of her with her dam Tessa, taken by Mark J. Barrett.  When we picked Violetta up, Kate was on crutches but was still able to handle her withour issue.  Violetta is not only beautiful but is very inquisitive, playful and loves to jump. We know that there is lots going on in her head and we are working hard to give her tasks which will keep her interest.  She is a great, safe riding horse Kate’s friends nicknamed “Four Low”.  Just point her and she goes.  Violetta has several lovely babies to her credit, SSFR Emma,  SSFR Kayla,  SSFR Majesty and  SSFR Double Down.   She will be bred again in 2018 to Prime, Sahlem’s Country Optimus Prime, but for now she is being driven and ridden on our show string by our youth competitor.  8/17